The Dangers of Light Duty Towing

If you’re a vehicle owner, it’s important to know the dangers of light duty towing. Light duty towing is when a tow truck tries to tow a vehicle that is too heavy for the truck. This can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious damage to both the tow truck and the vehicle being towed.

heavy duty towing truck

Why Is Light Duty Towing Dangerous?

There are several reasons why light duty towing is so dangerous. First of all, it puts a lot of strain on the tow truck. The tow truck is not designed to tow vehicles that are too heavy, so it can easily break down while trying to do so. Additionally, if the tow truck does manage to successfully tow the heavy vehicle, it will be going much slower than usual. This can make it difficult for other drivers on the road to see the tow truck. This could even lead to accidents.

Another reason why light duty towing is dangerous is because it can damage the vehicle being towed. If a vehicle is too heavy for the tow truck, it could easily come loose from the hitch and fall off. This could cause serious damage to the vehicle, and even put the occupants in danger. Additionally, if the brakes on the tow truck fail while it’s trying to stop with a heavy load, this could also cause serious damage to the vehicle.

As you can see, there are many dangers associated with light duty towing. If you own a heavy vehicle, it’s important that you only use heavy duty towing services. Trying to save money by using a light duty tow could end up costing you a lot more in long-term. Reach out to us if you require heavy duty towing services in Ottawa.

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